Digital Media in classroom

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IPADs & Digital Stores

Key ideas from the Jones reading

– schools need to embrace new technologies and use it as resource for further learning in literacy.

– digital texts boost student engagement, devices like IPADs allowed sustained interest and attention.

– literacy is learnt in social contexts

– devices like IPADs helped the teacher to scaffold literacy learning, used to make meaning, monitor and record student learning support assessing and ongoing planning. 

– plays a role in shifting from teacher-centred learning to student centred learning.

Jones, M. (2012), ipads and kindergarten – students literacy development, SCAN, 31 (4), 31 – 40.

Review of ‘Art Maker’

As students learn to tell a story using ‘Art Maker’ I could firstly model what needs to be included in a story. I could inform that a story needs an orientation such as the setting, characters and context which could be done by selecting backgrounds and characters from the app. I could scaffold how to construct proper sentences in stories for students to apply to their story using the IWB. 

Review of Toontastic

‘Toontastic’ was complex and had a lot of functions. It is more for students in higher stages and have more technological understanding. I liked the way it was structured in terms of it having step by step stages of a story, notably, set up, complication, climax and solution. It allows students to get a grasp how stories should progress and how it should be structured. 


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