Digital Media in classroom

This site is the bee's knees

Blogs & Scoop It

Key Ideas for teachers

  • Using innovative text formats such as multiple media or hybrid texts
  • Adopting a class webpage! The teacher can upload files such as digital worksheets, writing prompts, lesson instructions, homework, URLs, media files, assessments, learning centres or corrected work so students can access these at their fingertips. Students can be ready for the teaching and learning expectations of the day as well as have access to up-to-date work and classroom schedules.
  • communication via e-mail, texts and chats amongst teachers and students.

Reference: Barone, D., & Wright, T. E. (2008). Literacy instruction with digital and media technologies. The Reading Teacher, 62(4), 292-302

Happily blogging

Samples of Edublogs!

Fabulous S5

This blog allows us to journey into their classroom in nearly all KLAs, the way the KLAs are categorised makes it effective to manoeuvre around the site. The provide us details about lessons such as science experiments undertaken, dance performance clips and math lesson ideas with videos and audio clips as support. This serves as a visual aid to translate to us the atmosphere of the classroom lessons. It also gives examples of what worked in lessons. I would use it as an example for stage 3 children.

The layout of the blog is very clear and concise which makes topics easily accessible to the reader. Students can also be inspired by how the use of media clips such as videos, audio clips and images can be engaging and deliver immense about of information that sometimes are limited by written texts. The way the blog is written, the concise language and straight to the point information helps readers stay on the page and promotes learning.

The Avery Bunch

A space where six graders and their teacher share what is happening in the classroom. Many projects are uploaded onto the site which serves as great lesson ideas for other teachers. The blog is also part of a website that the teacher created.

The blog is flashy, modern and highly interactive. Students can gain ideas on how they can make their blog attractive to readers like how there is a slideshow in the background. Besides the overall design, students can see how engaging written blog posts and sharing ideas online can serve as a great purpose. You can feel the classroom synergy and a sense of community they gain through blogging. The way they categorised their posts into projects is a great idea along with topics that are attention grabbing, for example, “Mr. Avery on The Great Rate Race of 2014”.


The topic is “Primary School Geography (HSIE)”.





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